Specializing in Project Management of Construction & Debris Removal, Cleanup, & Professional Pressure Washing


"To provide a professional quality service while offering opportunity"

Our Services

Par Solutions has performed debris clean up caused by natural disasters, pressure washing, vinyl siding replacement, landscaping, roofing, tree trimming and removal, tree harvesting, building demolition, storm drain clean out and other miscellaneous tasks fir various contractors, individuals, and businesses.  

Our Services Include

  • Brick Efflorescence Restoration
  • Concrete Cleaning - Mold & Mildew¬†
  • Filling Cracks & Patching Holes in Concrete¬†
  • Composite Deck Cleaning ¬†
  • Building Molding Cleaning¬†
  • Project Management¬†
  • Water Restoration¬†
  • Basement Cleaning¬†
  • Debris Cleanup
  • Snow Removal¬†
  • Tree Removal

* See our Successful Project Portfolio for more details.


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