Our Mission:

"To provide a professional quality service while offering opportunity"

Our History

Par Solutions, LLC, a limited liability company, was founded in October 2006, is located in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Founder, Jameson Witherspoon, a retired United States Army Sergeant, 82nd Airborne Division, 2nd ID Division, 2nd Armor Division Scout and Rangers, has 30 years of experience in management, procurement, and development of leadership skills. 

Par Solutions is self-certified as a small disadvantaged business, disabled veteran, and minority owned. It is also licensed to practice business in the City of Lenoir and is fully insured. We contract with GSA, Veterans Association, Phillip and Jordan - a National Disaster Company, NCRC, First Citizens Bank, and McDonalds

Our Mission

The mission of par Solutions is to provide a professional quality service while offering opportunity. Our vision is to provide a quality service at the most efficient costs and at the highest ethical level. We value and embrace dependability, a solid work ethic, and team building. 

While Par Solutions strives to operate a quality and financially sound business, it prides itself on it's commitment to enhance the lives of those we employ and the community we live in. People, not profit, is the focus and center to the mission of the community.

Our Services

Par Solutions has performed debris clean up caused by natural disasters, pressure washing, vinyl siding replacement, landscaping, roofing, tree trimming and removal, tree harvesting, building demolition, storm drain clean out and other miscellaneous tasks fir various contractors, individuals, and businesses. See our Successful Project Portfolio for more details.